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Male hormones regulate normal, healthy bodily functions.  Testosterone levels naturally decline as men age, causing andropause, (popularly referred to as "Low T"). This process normally begins by age 30, with further decline each year.  


Imbalanced hormones can have a serious impact on your body and quality of life. Ranging from mild to severe, the symptoms are frustrating and can affect everyday life, such as ED, depression, weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, low muscle mass and more.

Erectile Dysfunction | Depression | Weight Gain | Fatigue | Insomnia | Sleep Apnea | Anxiety + Irritability | Low Energy | Brain Fog | Low Libido | Acne | Low Muscle Mass 


The most common way to receive testosterone is to receive weekly injections from a local "mill" clinic.  A mill clinic resembles a regular medical clinic, but may prescribe substances without sufficient medical history, examination, diagnosis, monitoring, or documentation. The liquid formula given is synthetic, and often contains horse urine - mega yuck!


Today, science confirms that synthetic testosterone has many other down sides, on top of the questionable ingredients.  Pelleting is fast becoming the more popular, and safer choice. Patient centric medical clinics offer the option for pelleting, as pelleting is safer for the male body, and treatment time is vastly reduced. Instead of weekly injections, men only need 1 treatment every 5-6 months on average, giving back a lot of free time. 

Testosterone plays an important role in your sexual development and drive. Without it, you may have no intimate desire. Testosterone is also metabolized by fat cells, so a shortage can contribute to obesity. Your body requires a specific level of testosterone unique to you for optimum health. Need to check your levels? Call us today: 678-203-1323​.

  • Erectile changes or dysfunction

  • Libido changes or less sex drive

  • Inability to build muscle

  • Weakened strength and endurance

  • Loss of motivation, depression

  • Inability to burn stubborn belly fat​

Drug and Syringe


Customization is also critical - hormone levels are not one size fits all, and must address your specific needs to be helpful. 


Our Testosterone Hormone pellets are customized solutions made just for you. They are packed into a small time released pellet (about the size of a tic-tac) that gets inserted just under the skin. The procedure is painless, and only takes about 15 minutes.


Testosterone Pellets deliver the most pure, consistent doses of hormones, identical to the ones your body naturally produces. Our  team of experts will help determine what specific hormone levels are right for your unique needs.


If you experience imbalance, Testosterone Pellets may be the solution! The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and The Endocrine Society all agree that most men can safely enjoy life using Testosterone Hormone Pellet therapy. 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Roswell, GA - Men's Hormone Replacement Near Me - TRT Specialist in Roswell, GA


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